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    • The Love of Don Perlimplin and Belisa in the Garden  (60 minutes) libretto by Michael Shapiro based on the play of Federico Garcia Lorca
    • Frankenstein-The Movie Opera (75 minutes)
    • The Slave (120 minutes) (in preparation) (based on the novel by Isaac Bashevis Singer)

Film Scores

    • American Jewish Committee documentary  (5 minutes) Not available for rental or purchase
    • Distant Relatives – Israel Broadcasting Authority  (120 minutes) Film score to IBA documentary about Jewish Americans’ ties to Israel Not available for rental or purchase
    • Frankenstein   (70 minutes) (four versions for chamber orchestra, full orchestra, wind ensemble, and operatic setting with singers and theater orchestra) directed by James Whale starring Boris Karloff and Colin Clive visit website




Band/Wind Ensemble

Chamber Instrumental

Solo Instrumental (excluding piano)



    • Three Psalms (8 minutes) Chorus SSAA
    • Psalm 137 (5 minutes) Chorus SATB + organ
    • Three Shakespeare Madrigals  (8 minutes) Chorus SATB
    • There is that in me  (Whitman) (10 minutes) Chorus SATB + [chamber ensemble]
    • Spanish Medieval Lyrics  (Anonymous) (12 minutes) Chorus SSATB
    • Voices (anonymous) (60 minutes) Soprano soloist, Chorus SATB + fl, cl/alto sax, trumpet, trombone, drum set,  piano/accordion, two violins, viola, cello (alternate version for full orchestra)

Song Cycles

    • Canciones  (5 songs, 12 minutes)(alternate version for mezzo soprano and chamber ensemble) poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca
    • Dublin Songs  (12 songs, 30 minutes) poetry by James Joyce (alternate version with orchestra)
    • Songs for American Poets  (3 songs, 12 minutes) poetry by Walt Whitman, Teton Sioux, Carl Sandburg
    • Wordsworth Songs  (3 songs, 12 minutes) poetry by William Wordsworth
    • Erotic Songs  (3 songs, 12 minutes) poetry by Erica Jong and Denise Levertov
    • Whitman Songs (3 songs, 10 minutes) poetry by Walt Whitman